EmS Abroad

Internationale Studierende vom Programm

What are we doing?

EmS takes place beyond Germany and is based on the international version of the original German programme Europa macht Schule (EmS).

The aim of the programme is to make international exchange concrete and alive. To this end, international students from Europe and around the world present their home country in a creative and vivid way in a local school class of their host country.

By help of such interactive EmS-projects, all participants gain authentic insights into other ways of life, political systems, landscapes, etc. (German examples). EmS thus allows for cultural and linguistic exchange without leaving the classroom and creates curiosity and a sense of belonging across national borders.

EmS is coordinated and supervised on a voluntary basis by location teams in various cities outside Germany. They are supported by the German association Europa macht Schule e.V., founded in 2006.

Who can participate?

International Students

You design a creative project about your home country and/or country of residence with a European connection in a school class in two to three lessons. In order to get to know your group of pupils and their teacher, as well as the local school and its characteristics, your project is preceded by a lesson observation in and as part of your future group. The teacher and the location team support you in getting things organised.

EmS helps international students to get even more out of their stay abroad.

  • You get to know people from your host country as well as other international students.
  • You learn more about the local culture, language, and educational system.
  • You work with children and young people.
  • You gain valuable and unique experiences at school.
  • You participate in various events.
  • You improve your language and presentation skills as well as project work and an independent, creative way of working.


You invite an international student to your class for two to three lessons. Beforehand, you agree on the organisation of the project with reference to Europe and you get to know each other personally in advance during an in-class lesson observation.

EmS promotes pupils’ international mobility while they are still at school.

  • The programme enriches a typical school lesson and promotes interactive, intercultural learning.
  • Your pupils get to know another country from an insider’s perspective.
  • Your pupils question their previous image of the featured country.
  • Your pupils broaden their horizons and are motivated to later go abroad themselves.
  • You and your pupils can network with other participating schools and classes.

Location team

As part of the team, you recruit teachers and international students, supervise them during project implementations, organise events, and are responsible for public relations and finances.

EmS offers location team members a worldwide network.

  • You get in touch with international students and get to know new cultures.
  • You contribute to intercultural exchange.
  • You gain valuable experience in event and project management as well as in public relations.
  • You improve your communication skills, especially in the intercultural area.
  • You will be part of a team of enthusiastic volunteers.
  • You meet many smiling faces.


How does the EmS-programme work?

September: Reorganisation and/or new formation of location teams October or February: Registration for internationale exchange students and teachers November or March: Get-to-know meeting for students November until April: Project planning and implementation January or May: Presentation of all projects within the local final event


Which locations participate already?

Currently, there are EmS locations in various countries. If you have any questions, you can email the respective location team directly by clicking on the city.

How can I sign up?

If you want to sign up, click on the corresponding city in the table. The link takes you to the respective registration form.

International students Teachers Location team
Česká Republika Plzeň, Praha (tbd) Plzeň, Praha (tbd)  


All locations


España Madrid, Valencia Madrid, Valencia
France Clermont-Ferrand (tbd), Paris Clermont-Ferrand (tbd), Paris
Norge Bergen (tbd) Bergen (tbd)
Österreich Wien (tbd) Wien (tbd)